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Medical Marijuana Strains - Tahoe OG

Status: Quantities On Hand
Genetics: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Origins: Indian x Brazilian

Tahoe OG Is one of the strongest cannabis strains in the medical marijuana community. THC contents have been tested to be anywhere from 24-28% THC. Many Medical Marijuana patients choose Tahoe OG Kush Primarily for Sleep and pain relieving attributes.

The general aroma of Tahoe OG is strong lemony/pine aroma being the most dominant feature when it comes to the smell. The taste matches its fragrance, very lemony with earthy undertones.

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Medical Marijuana Strains - Tahoe OG

Must be Prop. 215 Compliant member, resident of the State of California and a member of our collective. Route 66 Collective Membership is simple and free!